Building family resilience

 Munira Ibrahim was just 4 years old when her mother and father sadly died. She grew up with her coffee-farming step mother and her three siblings in the community of Awash Kolati in Ethiopia, a community that recently received funding from the Costa Foundation to build a new 8 classroom primary school.

“It is hard to grow up without a father in a community like this where the father’s earnings are the only source of income for the family. After my dad died, we are unable to fulfill even our basic needs. My elder sister was forced to dropout from grade 10 in order to allow me and my younger siblings to attend school” says Munira looking at her sister standing behind me with affection in her smile.

But sadly; despite her sister’s personal sacrifice; there were still not enough funds left to pay for Munira’s school supplies much less those of her sister.

“The Costa Foundation and Imagine1day arrived in my life at a truly appropriate time- a time when I was about to dropout like my elder sister losing all hope of an education, as my family was suffering from poverty. The day I got the chance to be registered as an “Orphan Vulnerable Child” by Imagine1day was like a rebirth for me, I got my desire to study back with the hope brought to me through Imagine1Day’s “Goat support for husbandry” scheme said Munira.

Hawa Aman; the stepmother of Munira said, “me and Munira’s elder sister were struggling to let her pursue her study and she was insisting on dropping out thinking that her school supplies would be yet another burden to the family. It was a hard time for me- I had nightmares in which I thought I was arguing with her dead dad for not keeping my promise of letting her pursue her education. Thanks to the Costa Foundation and Imagine1day I am relieved of that horrible nightmare!”

Munira has sold the goat Imagine1day bought her and bought sheep which have subsequently given birth to lambs.

“Thanks to the Costa Foundation and Imagine1day I am now following my study freely, as the burden has been taken away from my family- I’ve been given exercise books and I am even able to buy coffee for my mother the day I sold the goat given to me with the money left from the sheep. The only way I feel that I can pay back all my family’s commitment and Imagine1day’s generosity to let me pursue my education is through scoring good grades- I stood 8th out of 75 students in the first semester and I am studying hard to rank 4th in the second semester” says Munira with a mixed emotion of gratitude and hope.


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