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A story of impact

So, far the Costa Foundation has funded seven schools in coffee-growing communities in Uganda with three more being built during 2015. But back in 2010 before any of those seven schools were built, you would have stood in seven different rural sub-counties in the south and south west of Uganda and all you would have seen would be beautiful green hills and lush vegetation, with huts dotted all over. If you walked around you would have found hard working families who were farming for a living, growing coffee. And if you talked to people, parents with large families, you’d have found that they all had one thing in common. Their children had absolutely nowhere to go after primary school, because there were simply no secondary schools.

Imagine how it would feel to know that your child wouldn’t be able to get an education and how limited their life chances would be because of that. That’s the reality for the great majority of Ugandan parents, as across the country, there are only enough places for a quarter of children to go to secondary school. So in every one of those seven Ugandan sub-counties back in 2010, all the parents knew was that their children would likely be poor for their whole lives, just as their parents and grandparents had been before them.

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Children who don’t get a secondary education have far lower earnings but it also affects other parts of their lives. For example, children whose mothers have a secondary education are twice as likely to survive beyond the age of five as children whose mothers have no education.  And young people with a secondary education are three times less likely to contract HIV than those with no education.

Education really is the key to so many areas of development and constitutes a real and measurable improvement in people’s lives. When you understand that, you can see the tragedy that is happening across Africa, in Uganda, and in the seven sub-counties that had no school in 2010.

In Uganda; only 47% of students in secondary schools are girls. They are more likely to be kept at home to do chores; work the fields, or to drop out to get married and have babies – did you know that 32% of girls with no education are married by the age of 15, but this drops to 9% for girls with a secondary education? Our schools are keeping girls in education, delaying marriage and birth and empowering those young women with knowledge and possibilities for the future.

For the seven sub-counties where Costa has built schools in Uganda, the future of the children that live there has been changed. In 2010, lush green hillsides with huts nestling between the trees housed families where their children’s futures were bleak and full of poverty. We look again in 2015 in those seven sub-counties and we see children emerge from those huts, in the distinctive bright orange uniform of their school, clutching their books and watched by their younger siblings who will follow them to school next year.

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