El Remolino Middle School

Completed in May 2021; the opening ceremony for El Remolino Middle School took place on August 26th 2021.

Completed in May 2021; the opening ceremony for El Remolino school took place on August 26th 2021 with the ceremony held at the open-air sports facilities to keep social distancing measures.  The head of the school invited the Mayor of Taminango along with other dignitaries, teachers, admin staff and circa 200 students. Entertainment was provided by the school teachers, parents and students including a much enjoyed performance by the El Remolino band.

The students are so proud of their new school that they negotiated with the Narino government and asked that university degrees be taught at El Remolino. As a result the local Mayor hosted a visit to the school with the Head of the University of Narino who was so impressed that she agreed that El Remolino School could be used for undergraduate programmes in the future.

Congratulations to the students at the school for having such courage and strength.

The Costa Foundation has shown that they don’t just build a school and then move on. They come back to visit and see how we are doing, and then give us even more if we need it

Teacher, Anatoli School