Vereda al Sauce Secondary School

Built on the edge of a subsiding mountain, with its classrooms at risk of collapsing, this secondary school in La Union, Nariño was identified as a key project for the Costa Foundation. Not only was alleviating this risk a priority, but the school education system was particularly interesting too.

The school is an ‘Escuela Agropecuaria’ which, alongside the national curriculum, offers qualifications in additional subjects related to agriculture and animal management. After finishing their studies, children graduate with a dual certificate: one as a high school graduate and one as an ‘Agriculture Technician’ recognized on a national level. Schools such as this motivate younger generations to stay in rural areas and run farms, instead of migrating to big cities.

The project consisted of building six fully furnished classrooms and an administrative block, plus providing sanitation, fresh water and access ramps for the disabled.

Inaugurated in April 2019, the community enjoyed performances of song and dance from the students as they celebrated their new school facilities.