Bule High School

The Costa Foundation worked with marketing agency Blueprint Partners to fund a new high school in 2017.

Bule is a district in the SNNP Region. The district has a population of 109,000 of which 95% are rural dwellers subsisting on coffee and edible crops.

This eight classroom school with library, admin block, sanitation and fresh water was funded by Blueprint Partners and the Costa Foundation. The 900 students are extremely grateful for their school and demonstrate this every day by looking after their facilities, growing crops to help fund books and other supplies and using the school as a community hub.

Due to civil unrest in Ethiopia, the school lay dormant for a period of time, but finally opened for lessons in September 2018. Two members of Blueprint Partners inaugurated the school in November 2019 and were able to witness first-hand the incredible impact that this school is having on the community.

Bule High School has superior facilities and quality education. Thank you to the Costa Foundation and Blueprint Partners for giving us such incredible gift.

Alamaz, Grade 10 student