San Pedro Carcha multi-school project

This is one of Costa Foundation’s multi-site projects where investment is made in a number of schools to maximise impact in the local area.

This project was across ten primary schools and it impacted approximately 1,990 children from across 35 communities. It provided them with new or enhanced facilities, as well as programmes aimed at improving the retention and quality of education within the schools.

The project included the construction of four new classrooms, the refurbishment of 22 existing classrooms, the installation of new sanitation across four school campuses, and the provision of new school furniture in six campuses.

In addition, programmes were funded that would improve the knowledge of teachers and parents around topics relevant to low attendance rates, such as child protection, violence prevention, the importance of education and the inclusion of girls in education. The programmes also sought to develop and strengthen student-led school councils so that children get involved in improving school life.