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Chuquibambilla High School

This was the Costa Foundation’s first school in Peru, and is located in the central highlands. It offers education to an indigenous Indian tribe whereas before the school was built, the children in this community were faced with a 15 mile walk to the nearest high school.

Chuquibambilla is 553 miles north west of Lima, situated in a mountainous area renowned for its high-quality coffee. The school has been built in the centre of the village, acting as a beacon for the community.

In Peru, children in rural schools achieve lower grades than those in urban schools, partly caused by the poor conditions in rural areas. The Costa Foundation set out to provide a school as good as any school in urban Peru, in an attempt to address this imbalance.

Uniquely, this project was designed and project managed by Marta Maccaglia, a professional architect who lived in the community for the whole nine months of construction. She gave her time willingly to ensure that the school would meet the needs of the community now, and forever. The school has many wonderful features and is built entirely from local materials, giving the students a quality environment in which to learn.

The celebrations at the opening of the school were joyful, with teachers and children wearing their traditional costumes, tribal face paints and carrying the bows and arrows that they use on a daily basis for hunting.