Heart story

Students at Jerusalen de Minaro give their thoughts on the new school

"We are very pleased with this school, every day we are extremely grateful to the Costa Foundation for this opportunity, for the school garden, its spaces, its playground built in bamboo. Children feel happy. This school used to represent an issue for the community; every day there was a problem and something to be fixed. Now we have no more worries. Our children tell us they feel comfortable, happy and safe. Children are aware of the different  construction technologies used and they are fascinated by them. Thanks to Semillas' work, now we understand how it is possible to build efficiently using innovative materials. Johnny Camasca , Vice-President Parent-Teacher Association,  Jerusalen de Miñaro School

"Children are never bored in this school. This is also thanks to the available spaces where children have fun and they are free to play and run around safely". Freddy Ñaco, teacher at Jerusalen de Miñaro School

"When I arrived on the first day I thought: It is wonderful, it is beautiful. The pupils are happy, and they tell me that the school was originally made of wood with a thatched roof". Ana Perez, teacher at Jerusalen de Miñaro School

If a little girl like Selene can already speak three languages, it is entirely possible that given the right education she could become a language professional or teacher

Maxima, Selene’s mother