Heart story

H Vim Byă

A few quotes from H Vim Byă  & her mother.

H Vim Byă
"My name is H Vim Byă.
I am five years old.
During this school year, when I stayed at home to avoid the epidemic, I studied the lesson assigned by my teacher, also watched my teacher on the phone and I helped my mother to take care of my house. I stay at home with my grandparents and my sister.
I like going to school because I have many friends, many toys, a beautiful school. I am so happy to be there.
I would like to thank the Costa Foundation for building a nice school for us. I also want to meet the workers from the Costa Foundation to tell them, “I am very grateful and love you”.

Mother of H Vim Byă
"I'm part of the indigenous people in village Nieng No.1, EaNuol commune, Buon Don District, Daklak province
The main income of my family is farming and growing coffee, pepper. The current epidemic situation also affects the family's income.
During the recent epidemic, my child stayed at home and was very insecure because I was still at work.
I found the school very clean, spacious, with fresh air. My children go to school with many toys, they like it very much
Our parents want to say  “Thank you Costa Foundation for building a beautiful and spacious school".

This school has impacted our community hugely. Now the children have a safe and clean place to spend the day learning, while their parents are working and focusing on earning money each day. Before the school opened, a lot of kids had to go to work with their parents or spend the day at home with their grandparents.

Nguyen Thu Hue, headteacher