Hoa Trung Nursery School

Despite the enormous adversity caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Hoa Trung Nursery School opened in May 2022 to the delight and relief of local families.


Hoa Trung nursery school is a perfect example of how to overcome adversity. Started during the pandemic, it was always going to be a tough build, but the added complication of terrible weather conditions meant that the project had to be delayed several times.

Now, thanks to the combined efforts of our team and ACOM Vietnam, the school is fit to teach up to 240 3-5 year olds, officially welcoming its first 150 children on 23 May 2022.

This wonderfully designed and attractively coloured nursery school boasts 8 classrooms, a multi-cultural room, sickbay, teachers admin block, meeting room, kitchen, sanitation, water and electricity supply.

Delighted to be free of the dilapidated conditions in which they previously taught, the principal of the school, Ms. Nguyen T. Hong Gam, said: "The facilities were very old, small and were not safe, especially in the rainy season. It made teachers and students scared and worried. Now, with the big new school, everyone feels safe and happy. We would like to thank Costa Foundation, ACOM and Di Linh people committee. We promise to use the school properly and effectively."

Our thanks go to ACOM Vietnam for their hard work and commitment and also to Project Waterfall who so kindly funded the water and sanitation at this school -

This new school opens many opportunities for the children of vulnerable families, especially in the local ethnic group; to access a safe, quality education in a truly well-considered environment”.