The Seeds for Progress Foundation is a non-profit organization that improves access to high-quality education, a basic human right and contributes to social development and sustainable economic growth by creating opportunities to advance the quality of life for students, teachers and their families in the rural communities of Nicaragua and Guatemala coffee-growing regions. We promote strategic alliances at the local and international levels among educational stakeholders and with multiple actors along the coffee chain. The Foundation has been able to create opportunities for advancement for more than 6,000 students and 340 teachers.

Our programs foster innovation, empowerment, and education for students and teachers. We support these initiatives with access to technology, improvement of infrastructure, and a network of mentors that guarantee the successful implementation of the strategies and initiatives. We hold ourselves to high standards through a monitoring and evaluation system that improves our outcomes and measures results. These efforts contribute to the stability in their educational journey and help them achieve a lifetime of progress.