Currently studying at Earth University, this is Adisu's story.

 KR his previous high school (3)

I was born in Bule Hora District in 1994.

I used to live in the countryside in the south of Ethiopia with my parents and four brothers and six sisters. I am in between. My family was reliant on coffee farming. We used traditional methods, hence day to day life was hard and the rewards for our efforts were little.

My parents are illiterate. Despite the fact that my brothers and sisters were interested in learning, I was the only one allowed to go to school. Our family rarely had enough food to feed the entire family.  They hadn't learnt themselves and they couldn't afford enough money to send their children to far located schools.

I spent much of my time in supporting my family. I served our family on farm and off farm activities as much as I could. Even if I was one of the family members who shoulder this burden of life, I always believe that education was the only better way that leads to a better life.

I always enjoyed school, study hard and sometimes play football when I get extra time to do so. The school was about two hours walk away from my home, the then Kilenso Rasa 2nd cycle school – up to grade 8.

I was taught in old learning blocks found with cramped classrooms of 110 children for 6 hours a day, constructed of sticks and mud with little light, leaking roofs, inadequate teacher accommodation and without access to basic furniture and books.

Despite my difficult childhood, my burning ambition was to attend school so I completed my 2nd cycle school with high scores and was able to begin studying at Kilenso Rasa high school constructed through the support of Costa Foundation.

I never thought to learn high school before this school was built at Kilenso Rasa. Long distances (more than 25 km) between home and schools make it difficult for me to travel back and forth to school as well as manage household responsibilities. If it hadn’t been built, my chance would have been blocked and remain home unchanged as a traditional farmer.

The Costa Foundation has provided a radical solution to our education problem.  I’m very grateful to the Costa Foundation because the organization has created access of quality education equally to the poor and rich.

The school was constructed at the best of its quality with better learning environment that consist furniture, books, potable water, separate latrine for boys and girls and active involvement of school clubs in extra curricula program.

I was one of the leaders of the school’s environment club. My stay at Kilenso Rasa High School was in a very different situation as compared to the previous old school.

The Costa Foundation played a crucial role to change my life. Since this school built, a lot of students and adult persons have completed their education. I completed high school with a great result and joined a preparatory school in 2011 and completed in 2012.


In 2013 I joined Earth University to study natural science and agriculture as my long life ambition is to be an Agriculturist.  I’m in the completion of my first year of 4 years degree program with excellent grades and expect to complete my education from Earth University in 2016.

I’m happy about what I am becoming, an educated young man. I want to pass a message for all people “Education is the key of everything”.

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