Help change a life

As man and boy, Piers had a 22 year career with Whitbread PLC with roles in sales, sales management, customer service and marketing. A personal experience in 2005 saw him change his career direction so that it now has a keen focus on helping disadvantaged children. Piers is a self-employed CSR and Community Investment consultant specialising in helping organisations and brands to create community and charity programmes that are fit for purpose and truly add value to as many beneficiaries as possible. He is also the Founder and Director of the Costa Foundation overseeing all of the project management from the UK with school projects now reaching coffee-growing communities in ten countries in three continents around the world. It’s the scale and reach of the charity that really impresses me; to have helped over 90,000 marginalised and disadvantaged children is hugely rewarding and seeing the love and passion that Costa team members have for this cause is such a positive thing to witness”