Our mission is to improve the life chances of children and young people in coffee growing communities by providing the opportunity of a safe, quality education. Our vision is to eradicate poverty in coffee growing communities.

How we make a difference

  • Building new schools or extending existing ones
  • Furnishing the new buildings
  • Investing in water supplies
  • Providing electrical infrastructure
  • School projects that support access to, or enhance, children’s education
  • Providing computers
  • Developing land for families to grow crops
  • Building teacher and student accommodation
  • Building latrines
  • Building science laboratories

Our impact so far: Over £20 million spent on more than 100 new schools, over 800 classrooms in 10 countries, giving over 120,000 children and young people access to education in coffee-growing communities across the world.

What your donation can buy


could pay for a set of textbooks for primary school children in Vietnam


could provide a school desk and chair in Honduras


could build a school toilet block in Colombia


could pay for an entire school’s football equipment in Zambia


could build a classroom in Ethiopia


could build a school library in Ethiopia

I am the 10th of 23 children… I never thought I could even go to school. The opening of Dimtu High School served as a bridge for my ambition. Now, I am a teacher in that same High School, and it makes me feel great.