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COSTA Foundation 50

The Costa Foundation represents the best of us, improving the lives of coffee growing communities every year.

In a usual year the Costa Foundation holds an annual 3 Peaks Challenge, whereby Costa team members, friends and family partake in the climbing of the 3 highest peaks in the UK.

Of course 2021 was not a usual year. With Covid restrictions, lockdowns and uncertainty in the air we had to come up with an alternative.

To coincide with Costa Coffees 50th birthday, the Costa Foundation 50 was born!

For the very first time we had team members from all around the globe, working together to accumulate 50,000km and raise £50,000 in 50 days!

From China to America, Dubai to Poland and all of our Costa countries in between, our team members showed what working together can achieve.

We had virtual runs, cycles, swims, walks, skating, snowboarding and skydiving. We even had a barista knitting 50km!

At the end of the 50 days our teams had reached the 50,000km distance and raised over double the £50,000 target too!

Check out below, a special video of team members from our East Region in the UK who got together and walked a coastal route and showed us what the Costa Foundation really means to them.

Be sure to search the hashtag #costafoundation50 on Instagram too!



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