Minipi de Quilano School

After a three-year struggle to build the Costa Foundation’s biggest school yet, Minipi de Quijano School opened in January 2014.

La Palma was one of the worst affected areas during the war with Farc terrorists. As many as 80% of the community’s population were displaced, leaving their homes and families to live in temporary shelter in the jungle. The Costa Foundation chose this site in order to give the community a beacon of hope as they are now rebuilding their lives back in La Palma.

The school boasts 10 classrooms, two science labs, a computer lab and a school canteen, all of which have been equipped to Colombian Education Authority standards. The school has welcomed 310 children from the ages of 3 to 18 and is also attracting children from nearby villages keen to benefit from these facilities.

The Costa Foundation officially opened the school on March 26th 2014 amidst great excitement from the children, teachers and parents, one of whom asked “What have we done to deserve such a great school?”

The answer is simple - you and your community really needed these facilities and that’s why we’ve given them to you.

Video of the school revisit in 2016

Video of the school opening in 2014

What have we done to deserve such a great school?

Parent, La Palma.