Improving existing schools

Imagine being a child and going to school for the first time, only to find that there are no desks or chairs for you to sit at. Imagine if the teacher has to use half a text book as the other half is in the classroom next door. Imagine if there are no toilet facilities or running water so you have to go out into the jungle just to relieve yourself. Imagine if every time it rains you have to huddle with your classmates in the one corner of the classroom where the rain isn’t pouring through the broken roof.

This is the harsh reality in many of the schools that the Costa Foundation works with. We don’t just build brand new schools, we also improve existing schools by adding new facilities, mending broken floors, ceilings and windows, repairing and redecorating tired and dilapidated school buildings, providing new or refurbished toilet facilities and wash basins and, of course, ensuring that there are sufficient learning aids for all of the children (and teachers).

Improving an existing school is an effective way to encourage and motivate children not to drop out and gives them the enthusiasm to have a good education. Here’s the story of Edonias who has experienced one of our school upgrade projects at Chitzunun in Guatemala.

Edonias’ story

My name is Edonias, I am from the community of Chitzunun. I have four siblings and I am in 5th grade.

I'm very grateful to Plan and the Costa Foundation as they supplied materials to repair our school. They care enough to give us a nice clean school. We have learned many things this year with our teachers - we do manual work, reading, writing, we participate in songs, in sports.

When I leave school I will continue studying and get my degree and then get a good job. I want to be a teacher and help children to study and learn well. I also want to continue studying so that one day I can have money to help my siblings, and to buy a house and clothes.

I’m very grateful to Plan and the Costa Foundation as they supplied materials to repair our school.

Edonias, pupil