IHER Education Centre

The IHER Education Centre in La Paz was a new concept to the Costa Foundation, it is what is referred to in Honduras as ‘an informal school’. This is a school built specifically for children that are unable to attend lessons during the week due to family commitments such as having to work on the farms or other businesses to support their families. In many instances the families of these children are unable to afford formal education.

These children use specially produced workbooks at home during the week (a form of home schooling) and attend the Education Centre on Saturdays and Sundays under the guidance of a school director and teachers. This gives them a rounded education that they would have missed had this centre not been built.

Officially opened on Friday 9th September 2016 by one of the Costa Foundation trustees, it was heart-warming to see all three classrooms filled with students proudly wearing their school uniforms on a Friday (when they would normally be working.) This was a clear demonstration of how much they value these facilities, and the gift of learning.

Mirna, one of the students at the school said “I’m very happy that we have the new centre and we thank the Costa Foundation, Plan Honduras and local authority and students who have puts lots of effort into the construction – we have all supported cleaning and planting trees as we see it as our duty to look after the new centre. I never imagined the school would be so beautiful! During the week I have to help my mother, but now I can go to the IHER centre on Saturday and Sunday and during the week I will also try to study at home.”