The Costa Foundation has helped bring Clara* closer to her goals by providing a safe space for her to learn.

Clara used to endure a long walk to school, but it now only takes her ten minutes to walk there. This has allowed her to attend school more regularly to study, learn and make new friends.

Her favourite subject is natural sciences because she enjoys learning about anatomy, diseases and how our bodies function. She dreams of being a doctor and thanks the Costa Foundation for expanding her school to provide a quality education for more students and the opportunity for her to achieve her dreams.

Clara tells us: “There have been many positive changes to our school. The expansion, addition of a kitchen and dining room and the security gates all provide a safe environment for us to learn and access to regular meals. Thank you, Costa Foundation, for making education safe and accessible for the children in my community.”

*Names have been changed to protect identities.

The classes in science fit well with my desire to become a doctor. I would like to contribute to society by helping sick people.