Heart Story

Janibel del Socorro Morales


Janibel is a 10-year-old girl, the daughter of Antonio Morales Blanchard (RIP) and Vicenta Hernández. Her family consisted of eight members, but at six years of age, Janibel was left without a father, after her older brother murdered their father. Life for Janibel has not been the same since.

After the José Benito Escobar school was built, the teachers, motivated to expand school coverage, undertook the task of visiting the families of the community and found Janibel who had been out of the educational system for the two years previous.  They talked with Janibels’ mother and persuaded her to reintegrate her into the school. One teacher paid special attention to her, supported her, motivated her,  and offered her the human affection that she did not have at home, changing her personal situation.

Today in a clean, safe and beautiful school environment, Janibel has proved to be an excellent student, she is a communicative, participative girl, with good behavior towards her classmates, and very committed to her classwork, which in turn has significantly improved her grades.