Heart Story

Jarington Duarte Ramos

Jarington Duarte Ramos is 14 years old and lives in Cañas Uno neighbourhood. His father works at a coffee company and his mother is a homemaker. He attends seventh grade at San Benito school, Jarington enjoys learning so he can teach others and grow himself.

Jarington believes it is important to go to school, the knowledge gained in school contributes to you becoming somebody in life and starting a career. His favourite subject is natural science, because he gets to learn new things about plants, animals, and human beings.

In the future Jarington would like to do a degree in mathematics to be able to become a teacher in order to share his knowledge with others. He enjoys teaching people who struggle with the subject, and by teaching others, he believes he always learns something new himself. He thinks it is important to share the knowledge that he has acquired with others. Teaching others brings him a sense of satisfaction.

Jarington also enjoys extracurricular activities such bird watching. He’s learnt a lot through his tutor Daniel, including bird colours, names, and songs. He got involved with the project ‘Our coffee, our birds’ and regularly joined organised bird-watching trips. They learnt about the importance of birds, their role in the environment and relationship with us human beings. Jarington and Daniel now teach fifth and sixth graders about birds and their identification.

The Costa Foundation has made a huge difference in schools. Before, students had poor facilities and outdated equipment that made learning hard. Now, thanks to the foundation's hard work, schools are better equipped and provide a great learning environment. This helps students do well in their studies and sets a strong foundation for the future of the communities the Costa Foundation serves.

“Thanks to the support of the Costa Foundation, I have witnessed many positive changes in my school. Before the renovations, we had no real classrooms and blackboards and insufficient desks for students and teachers. Now we have all of those as well as a new kitchen, which has been a source of comfort to us. We used to study while sitting on the bare ground, and when it rained, we used to get wet.”