Heart Story

Junaysi Gabriela Rodríguez Gutiérrez

The story of Junaysi, who is flourishing in Las Escaleras school, having recently claimed first place in an official mathematics contest.

On May 19th 2022, The Ministry of Education held a friendly mathematics contest for primary and secondary school students. Junaysi, a 6th grade student was the first place winner at municipal level.

Junaysi is a cheerful 11 year-old girl who loves school, singing, dancing and football. She lives with her parents and brother in one of the houses that Cafetalera Nicafrance built in Las Escaleras. Her mother says that she is a very active girl, always giving her best to everything, whether schoolwork, sports or helping with household chores.

What she likes most about the new school is how large and beautiful it is, especially the large play spaces, and how wonderful the teachers are. Winning first place is particularly exciting for her as she is so proud to represent her school. “I am so very happy to have obtained this award”, Junaysi said.