Las Escaleras School

Situated in the department of Matagalpa in the North Central Region of Nicaragua, Las Escaleras School was originally built in 1994 with government funding. Unfortunately, with no further investment for maintenance, the condition of the school deteriorated and suffered leaks, cracked floors, broken windows and exposed wiring.

179 children and eight teachers were using the school, but facilities were not conducive to a proper education. The Costa Foundation was approached by Fundacion Nicafrance via ECOM and asked to consider investing in upgrading and expanding the existing school.

In 2017, work commenced to refurbish all eight existing classrooms and build two additional classrooms, plus upgrade the sanitation, the perimeter fence and the water supply.

The school was inaugurated in March 2018 by one of the Costa Foundation trustees who was royally entertained by children dancing, singing, reciting poetry and playing games.