Bridge High School

Bridge High School is the sixth Costa Foundation funded PEAS school in Uganda - a country where just one in four children enrols in secondary education due to a severe lack of affordable secondary schools.

The school is located in Bushenyi District in south west Uganda, some 200 miles west of Kampala. Bushenyi District consists of nine sub-counties and has a population of 242,000, of which a staggering 60% are under the age of 18. The district has the tenth highest area growing coffee with approx. 7,600 hectares, with secondary crops such as matoke, pineapples and tea also being widely grown.

Lying within the Nyabubaare sub-county, the school is never short of students keen to acquire a secondary education. There are 131 primary schools in the district, but just 11 secondary schools. Children perform well at primary level, with students getting good grades, but they then struggle to find a secondary school nearby.

While there is huge support for education, early marriage is still an issue which prevents girls from getting a secondary education. The gender awareness extracurricular activities held at the school are designed to help improve this over the coming years.

The school has been provided with five classrooms, an admin block and two boarding blocks, along with fresh water and upgraded sanitation.

A recent visit from a Costa Foundation trustee gave a clear impression that the school will be well attended and that the local communities are delighted to have new facilities for their children.