Carlos* has been a teacher for 35 years. He currently teaches the Fifth and Sixth grades at his local school and is passionate about giving children a quality education which in turn hugely impacts the wider society.

What Carlos likes most about being a teacher is inspiring the children he interacts with. Children from rural coffee growing communities in the Matagalpa region face unique challenges to attend school and often need more care and patience from their peers and teachers.

Before, the school consisted of just two classrooms in poor condition, but as the student and teacher population grew, development was needed. Thanks to support from the Costa Foundation, the infrastructure at the local school has been expanded and remodelled.

He now hopes the school will move beyond traditional pen-and-paper-based education towards digital learning, allowing rural children to connect with the rest of the world.

Carlos shares his words of gratitude: “I would like to thank the Costa Foundation for caring about improving the quality of rural education. Now our children can compete, participate, and interact with other schools. As teachers, we emphasise to our students the importance of education and the impact that it has on the community”.

*Names have been changed to protect identities.

We have received admiration from visitors, who have congratulated us on our achievements.