Kigarama High School

Kigarama High School has the highest enrolment numbers of any PEAS school in Uganda. Continued investment in additional facilities is keeping pace with the growing numbers of students.

This was the fifth Costa Foundation funded PEAS school in Uganda. PEAS launch and run high schools in areas of extreme need, where at least 250 children are leaving primary school every year with nowhere to continue their education.

The school is situated in Sheema District, 20 miles north of Mbarara and 180 miles west of Kampala. Sheema District consists of nine sub-counties and three town councils and has a population of 22,300 with 91.4% being rural and 56.3% being under the age of 18. The major economic activities include semi-intensive agriculture and fishing. The most widely grown crops in the district are coffee, tea, pineapples and matoke.

Initially the school was provided with six classrooms, an admin block, two boarding blocks, sanitation and water, but with the high enrolment figures - 611 students joined in the first few weeks alone - the Costa Foundation immediately invested more funds into the school. This led to the construction of a further six classrooms, two more boarding blocks and additional sanitation.

Before the school was built, there was just one high school in Kigarama sub-county, which left 381 children graduating primary school with nowhere to continue their education. This is a success story within the region and, during a recent visit by a Costa Foundation Trustee, it was clear to see that the new school is much loved by the community, children and teachers.