Ea Nam Nursery School

Originally established in 2001, this school had been operating from five different locations including three community halls and two communal houses - in facilities not fit for purpose.

As the Costa Foundation’s 14th nursery school project in conjunction with Dakman Vietnam, Ea Nam Nursery School is located in Ea Nam community, Ea H’Leo District in Daklak Province.

The previous facilities were dispersed across the community, had little or no sanitation, no running water and insufficient furniture and learning aids. For the teachers it was challenging to teach and care for children effectively across five disparate sites.

With 496 children living in 13 villages and hamlets, the demand for safe, quality education was great and the five sites could only cater for 215 children. Without the Costa Foundation’s investment in a new nursery school, 281 children would have had no opportunity to attend school and those that could, were faced with using inadequate facilities.

Ea Nam Nursery School opened its doors in September 2019, offering eight fully furnished classrooms with sanitation, a new kitchen, security room, admin room, two teachers’ rooms, multi-function room, sick bay, perimeter fence, playground, water, electricity and landscaping.

This has been yet another successful project with Dakman Vietnam, who deserve much praise for their hard work and commitment to marginalised children in rural Vietnam.