Son Ca2 Nursery School

As the second nursery school named "Son Ca" (hence Son Ca 2) the Costa Foundation has funded in Daklak, this is another example of working hand-in-hand with Dakman Vietnam, the People’s Committee and local Education Authority in rural Vietnam.

Established in 1997, this school was spread out over six locations and a radius of 5 km, including village halls and classrooms borrowed from a nearby primary school. Not only were these facilities inadequate, but the number of temporary classrooms was insufficient, leading to between 45 and 50 children per room (versus a national standard of 20 to 30).

The original school was visited by the winners of the Costa Foundation Ambassadors Award in May 2018, who were able to witness first-hand the poor conditions of the previous school, including inadequate sanitation and a lack of fresh water and learning aids.

Now the Son Ca 2 Nursery School, which opened in September 2019, has enrolled 402 children all eager and willing to learn in their new environment. Due to the high number of children in this community, this is a large school construction containing 11 fully furnished classrooms, a kitchen and security room, plus the repair and refurbishment of some existing rooms to provide an admin room, two teachers’ rooms, a meeting room, a multifunction room and a sick bay.

Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Costa Foundation was unable to attend the inauguration of the school, however the community celebrated the opening jubilantly and have really taken to their new facilities, with attendance at a very high level.