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Student at Peas Kabuta Secondary School

My name is Eunice Chowa and I am eighteen years old. I am in grade eleven at Peas Kabuta Secondary school and I am a boarding student at the school. My parents are small scale farmers, and we are six children, and I am the fourth one. I have three brothers and two sisters.

I have been coming to the school since the beginning of 2020. I love the way the teachers teach here and the meals that we are being given.

I used to be in a day school and the school was very strict. Since I have been here my grades are much better. We also visit the community sometimes and do charity work.

In this community, there were no secondary schools. Now we have one and the kids don’t need to walk so far anymore.

I love living in the dorm as we have a lot of time to study, there is no disturbances there. We get food as well at the boarding school. I am on a sponsorship for the boarding school and the school is free.

I play football and netball at the school, I like sports. I also participate in the school’s vegetable garden, and we sell those vegetables to the teachers. We also use the vegetables for the boarding school.

Peas has helped us the boarding student in paying school fees. Some of our parents could not manage to pay the school fees.

Last year the school closed due to Covid-19. We were given pamphlets to use, and they helped us to study.

My favorite subject is mathematics, I want to become an accountant. I just love counting money.

My favorite teacher is Madame Musonda because she always encourages me to work hard so that I can achieve my goals. She teaches civic education. I also do computer training here, we all learn how to type.

My dream for the future is to become an accountant. I want a nice house, and also to be a peace maker. I feel bad when I find people quarrelling about different things.