Natasha Mangwato

A student at Peas Kampinda Secondary School tells us how the school has changed her life.

My name is Natasha Mangwato, I am fifteen years old, and I study at Peas Kampinda Secondary School. I started school here in 2020 when I passed my grade 7 exams and am now in grade 9. I live in Henry Kapata village with my mother’s sister. My mother and my father live in Zolwezi with my two sisters and a brother.

I like this school because it provides free education to those who are unable to pay school fees. My favourite thing about this school is that it encourages people, even those who have lost all hope of ever going to school, to continue studying.

I take part in some extracurricular activities including debate and ICT where we learn e-commerce, computer-based learnings, and other activities. My dream for the future is to become a nurse.

I would like to thank everyone at Costa and Peas for everything they have done for us.