Founded in 2007 by Chip and Shannon Wilson, Imagine1day is a Canadian based charity that works only in Ethiopia and specifically on education projects. With a team of 33 staff members in Ethiopia; we are a goal oriented organisation genuinely committed to leaving a legacy at every level. In ten years we have built 283 classrooms in 47 new schools all in rural and isolated communities. In addition to constructing new schools in 4 districts we have also worked closely with 487 schools across 10 districts transforming lives through education and leadership. We have a distinctive approach to our work with leadership development as a key pillar to all that we do. We partner with rural communities in Ethiopia to provide in-depth teacher training and capacity building and goal setting providing resources and income-generating grants and providing new schools; built from the ground up. We spend a minimum of three years on a project and schools only graduate when we are sure the impacts of our efforts are sustainable.