PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) is a UK-based charity and we work with the Costa Foundation in Uganda. We use an innovative SmartAid model to develop and run sustainable secondary schools that permanently widen access to education in Uganda and Zambia. Three in four children in Uganda, and two in three children in Zambia are unable to get a secondary education, largely due to a severe lack of places in affordable, quality secondary schools. PEAS uses a SmartAid approach to create financially sustainable secondary schools. Our schools generate enough internal revenue (through government subsidy, low fees and income generating projects) to run indefinitely and independently of UK fundraising. PEAS only build schools in areas where the need is greatest, and where children would otherwise be unable to receive a secondary education. We are 72% of the cost of so called free government schools. Our hope is that one day every child in Africa will benefit from a quality secondary education.